Asbestos in your Home!  

What you should know?  

We’ve heard whispers about asbestos and its dangers. However, as homeowner most of the time we would like to just do a out of mind out of sight principle. Asbestos is a compound of fibrous materials that can resist heat and is great for insulation.  


It is a pretty popular material to use at home, until studies where maid that asbestos can be a very dangerous health risk to have around 24.7. In the late 1970’s asbestos and mold abatement became a popular thing to work on until elimination is completed.  

Asbestos can be found in housing materials such as the plaster, tile floors, ceiling tiles, roof shingles, insulation both in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Generally, asbestos doesn’t really pose any dangers until it is damaged or disturb that would release the fibers into the air.  

The inhalation of asbestos is a health risk as it could lead to several diseases like.  

  1. Asbestosis or the scarring of the lung tissue, that will inhibit the person to breathe easily. When you have this breathing is an effort all the time.  
  2. Mesothelioma a rare cancer that has a very poor outlook. Mesothelioma is forms on the edges of the abdomen and lungs and the tissues are pretty much attack. Most of the cases reported for having mesothalioma is caused by asbestos exposure.  
  3. Heart enlargement when you have a prolonged exposure to asbestos you will also probably have a heart enlargement. This is because blood flow to the lungs is severely impeded and your heart will have to work double to help the blood to flow into the lungs.  
  4. Lung Cancer asbestos can also give you and make you develop lung cancer. This would also be more pronounced if you smoke a cigarette every day.  
  5. Weakened Immune System you can also weakened your immune system pretty badly when you are exposed to asbestos, this could mean that your health could take a beating and you will be more prone to diseases with your immune system down. 

How to know if your home has asbestos? 

The number one sign to be suspicious of asbestos in your home is if the home was built around 1940s to 1970s as this is a time wherein it is most popular. You can also check if your pipes are not insulated and it has a grayish or whitish colors.  

However, to successfully determine if your house has asbestos is to just go get an expert to have a look at it. That way you have a more sure and a person to ask of the best step to take afterwards. Whatever the inspector sees in your home, you should be prepared to do the next steps necessary for your safety.  

To avoid or get rid of asbestos in your home there are a couple of things you could do.  

  1. Make sure that materials is in good condition, this way asbestos doesn’t have to be disturbed or damaged.  
  2. Avoid the materials which are known to contain asbestos in it.